Employers Want Skilled Communicators

What business challenges does your organization face? Mergers and acquisitions? Identifying new markets? Budgeting? Staffing? An increasingly diverse workforce? A relentless need to increase revenues and minimize costs? All of these?

Companies are addressing a myriad of challenges at one time and relying on employees to generate meaningful solutions. And those solutions take exceptional communications skills. In fact, when Forbes magazine highlighted the Top Ten Skills Employers Seek from new graduates, six of the ten were communications skills.

Whether an employee is a new graduate or an industry pro, communications skills are nearly as important as functional skills.

The JCERT-funded Graduate Certificate in Professional Workplace Communication, offered at the KU Edwards Campus, helps area employees develop the professional, strategic communication skills that employers value, including:

  • Facilitating dialogue among diverse expert colleagues who see things differently  
  • Managing complex organizational change across multiple business functions and external partners
  • Asking the right questions to influence internal and external stakeholders
  • Helping an organization balance short-term needs with long-term goals

In addition to the graduate certificate, the KU Edwards Campus hosts free monthly webinars on a variety of relevant workplace communications issues.