KU Announces Online Data Analytics Undergraduate Program for Fall 2023, KU Edwards Campus, 2-21-23

Sumner Academy Students Enjoy Day of Science at KUEC, KU Edwards Campus, 2-8-23

Community Visit Spotlight: K-State Olathe Addresses Industry Needs in the Greater Kansas City Region, K-State Olathe, 2-7-23

Five Reasons to Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial for Cancer Treatment, KU Cancer Center, 2-2-23

2023 Biotech Day Event Gets Students Excited About Science, KU Edwards Campus, 2-1-23

Expanding Access to Early Phase Trials: the CATCH-UP.2020 Experience, JNCI Cancer Spectrum, 2-1-23

Researchers Developing Microfluidic Chips to Perform Liquid Biopsies, Kansas City Magazine, 1-17-23

Cisplatin with Veliparib or Placebo in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and BRCA Mutation-Associated Breast cancer (S1416): A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2 Trial, Science Direct, 1-6-23

Acer Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Two Investigator-Sponsored Trials of ACER-801 (Osanetant) in Men with Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate, Acer Therapeutics, 1-5-23

Engineers, Construction Professionals Can Improve Skills, Knowledge with New Series, K-State Olathe, 11-4-22

Find Support in the Business & Technology Transfer Community, KU Edwards Campus, 11-1-22

Hundreds of Attendees Focus on Building Coalitions During Urban Food Systems Symposium, K-State Olathe, 10-27-22

Kansas City One Health Day is Nov. 1, K-State Olathe, 10-27-22

In the Fight Against Climate Change, KU’s PSM in Environmental Assessment Fills in Important Learning Gaps, KU Edwards Campus, 10-25-22

Opportunities Abound in the Science Transfer Community, KU Edwards Campus, 10-20-22

Rebecca Soule-Emry Named Executive Associate to the Dean and CEO, K-State Olathe, 10-19-22

Cancer Center Investigators Recognized for Clinical Trial Enrollment, KU Cancer Center, 10-12-22

Cancer Center Joins Exclusive Clinical Trials Network, KU Cancer Center, 10-11-22

Q+A: Teaching Excellence Award Winner Scott Schulte on Community Resilience, Floodplain Restoration, and Working with Environmental Students, KU Edwards Campus, 9-28-22

Johnson County Health and Environment Financial Director joins K-State Olathe, K-State Olathe, 9-12-22

Controlled Environment Agriculture Faculty Member Named to Olathe Campus, K-State Olathe, 9-2-22

For 100 Years, KU’s Colorado Field Station Provides Geology Students with Valuable Hands-On Experience, KU Edwards Campus, 9-1-22

Eight Students Awarded Scholarships for Fall 2022, K-State Olathe, 8-31-22

Researchers Identify Potential Target to Treat AML, KU Cancer Center, 8-16-22

Professional Development Series in Leadership Begins Sept. 22; Discount Available, K-State Olathe, 8-4-22

Industry Scientist Named Animal Health Instructor, K-State Olathe, 7-14-22

The University of Kansas Cancer Center Earns National Cancer Institute’s Most Prestigious Status — Comprehensive, KU Cancer Center, 7-7-22

KU Announces Online Professional Studies Undergraduate Programs for Fall 2022, KU Edwards Campus, 6-28-22

Nedra Bonds: Breast Cancer Survivor Learns the Art of Healing, Cancer History Project, 6-24-22

Control What You Can, Cancer Today, 6-22-22

A Message from the Dean and CEO, K-State Olathe, 6-21-22

KU Alzheimer’s Researcher Wins International Prize for his Work with Mitochondria, KU Cancer Center, 6-15-22

Healthcare Strategist and Economics Instructor Earns Master’s in Applied Statistics, Analytics & Data Science, has Future Plans to Teach Full-Time, KU Edwards Campus, 6-9-22

KU Medical Center Strives to Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials, KU Cancer Center, 5-20-22

Student and Faculty Member Honored for their Academic, Scientific Contributions, K-State Olathe, 5-18-22

Academic Programs Completed by 28 Graduate Students, K-State Olathe, 5-17-22

Environmental Studies Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Jumps into PSM in Environmental Assessment, Preparing for a Career in Research, KU Edwards Campus, 5-15-22

Environmental Studies Graduate Looks Forward to Career Making Positive Change, KU Edwards Campus, 5-14-22

Researchers to Examine Obesity Treatment Options with $4.5M Grant, KU Cancer Center, 5-5-22

Study Seeks to Pinpoint Perfect Mix of Physical Activity for Better Aging and Brain Health, KU Alzheimer’s Disease and Research Center, 5-2-22

Is Memory Loss Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s or Just Aging? When to Get Tested, New Hampshire Union Leader, 4-26-22 (story from the Kansas City Star)

Study to Gauge Effectiveness of Menthol e-cigarettes as a Quit-Smoking Tool, KU Cancer Center, 4-14-22

Rep. Sharice Davids Visits The University of Kansas Cancer Center, KU Cancer Center, 4-14-22

New Website Connects University Efforts in Urban Food Systems, K-State Olathe, 4-13-22

K-12 Coordinator Earns National Science-Based Accreditation, K-State Olathe, 4-12-22

From Plastic Sticker to Laser Printer, K-State Olathe, 4-7-22

Jensen Receives Kansas Masonic Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, KU Cancer Center, 3-18-22

Engineers, Architects, School Officials to 'Clear the Air' Around HVAC and Student Performance, K-State Olathe, 3-9-22

Study Tests Drug That Targets Tumor Microenvironment, KU Cancer Center, 3-8-22

KU Announces Online Project Management Undergraduate Programs for Fall 2022, KU Edwards Campus, 3-3-22

Targeting Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, KU Cancer Center, 2-24-22

First Class Graduates from Digital Skills Bootcamps, Ready for Careers in Tech Sectors, 2-21-22

Benjamin Wolfe to Lead K-State Olathe as CEO and Dean, K-State Olathe, 2-18-22

Event Highlights Higher Education Opportunities for Kansas Latino Families, K-State Olathe, 2-15-22

Drug Combination Trial Shows Promising Results in Treatment of Colorectal Cancer, KU Cancer Center, 2-3-22

Animal Health Professional Development Series Includes Pharmacovigilance, Roadmap to Market and Other Topics, K-State Olathe, 1-27-22

2022 Urban Food Systems Symposium Focuses on Building Coalitions for a Changing World, 1-27-22

KU Clinical Research Center Celebrates Decade of Investigational Science, KU Medical Center, 1-26-22

KU, KU Medical Center Faculty Named Recipients of Higuchi-KU Endowment Research Achievement Awards, University of Kansas, 1-24-22

Power and Light District President Joins Advisory Board, K-State Olathe, 1-14-22

Environmental Scientist Earns Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Assessment Online to Specialize Career, KU Edwards Campus, 1-7-22

Students Earn Degrees for Fall Semester, K-State Olathe, 12-10-21

K-State Unveils Plan to Increase Jobs, Investments in Kansas, K-State Olathe, 12-3-21

New K-State President Richard Linton to Assume Duties in Mid-February, K-State Olathe, 12-3-21

Notable and CicloMed Initiate Phase 1B/2A Clinical Trial of Fosciclopirox in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Under Co-Development Agreement, KU Cancer Center, 12-1-21

Salad Contest Feeds K-12 Students' Scientific Curiosity, STEM Knowledge, K-State Olathe, 11-10-21

CareerUP Event Highlights Tips and Tricks for Virtual Networking, Interviewing, KU Edwards Campus, 11-3-21

Student Enrollment at the KU Edwards Campus Reaches 12-year High for Fall 2021, KU Edwards Campus, 10-6-21

KU Edwards Campus Piloting New Tool Projecting Value of a Degree, KU Edwards Campus, 10-7-21

5 Things You May Not Know About Clinical Trials, KU Cancer Center, 9-30-21

National Search Announced For Chief Executive Officer of K-State Olathe, K-State Olathe, 9-29-21

Alzheimer’s Drug May Help Maintain Mitochondrial Function in Muscles as It Slows Cognitive Decline, American Physiology Society, 9-27-21

Harmful Algal Blooms Topic of One Health Event, K-State Olathe, 9-23-21

Veterinary Pharmacology, Antimicrobials, Amduca and Research, Oh My!, K-State Olathe, 9-23-21

National Cancer Institute Increases Cancer Center’s NCORP Funding, KU Cancer Center, 9-15-21

The University of Kansas Cancer Center Participating in National Pilot Project to Increase Diversity in Cancer Treatment Trials, KU Cancer Center, 9-14-21

KU Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Receives $15 million and Second Renewal as one of 31 Nationally Designated Centers by the National Institute on Aging, KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 8-31-21

Animal Health Regulatory Affairs Workshop Series Begins, Expands this Fall, K-State Olathe, 8-18-21

K-State’s Paul Karr to Explore Engineering, Student Opportunities in Kansas City, K-State Olathe, 8-12-21

Early Trial Results Indicate Yescarta CAR-T Therapy Improves Survival for Adults who Relapse from Large B-cell Lymphoma, KU Medical Center, 8-4-21

Dementia Researchers Issue Urgent Call for More Diversity in Clinical Trial Participation, KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 7-22-21

Remembering Robert Clark, Former Vice Chancellor of the KU Edwards Campus, KU Edwards Campus, 7-8-21

Study Data Exchange Standards for Study Data Submitted to the Center for Veterinary Medicine/U.S. Food and Drug Administration, K-State Olathe, 7-6-21

Student Fees Removed at K-State Olathe; Degrees Become More Affordable, K-State Olathe, 6-18-21

KU’s Destination Talent Event Explores the Future of Workplace Inclusivity, KU Edwards Campus, 6-9-21

F.D.A. Approves Alzheimer’s Drug Despite Fierce Debate Over Whether It Works,  New York Times, 6-7-21

Can a Ketogenic Diet Reduce Alzheimer's Risks and Symptoms?, AARP, 6-7-21

FDA Grants Accelerated Approval for Alzheimer’s Drug, U.S. Food & Drug Administration, 6-7-21

Inspired by his Professors, 2021 Biotechnology Grad Aspires to Become a Professor Himself, KU Edwards Campus, 6-3-21

K-State Olathe Cyber Bootcamp Series Filling Job Vacancies, Offering New Career Field, BioNexus KC, 6-1-21 

Balancing Army Service, Fatherhood and Academics, 2021 Grad Earns Master’s in Project Management, KU Edwards Campus, 6-1-21

Exercise Science Grad Dreams of Taking Physical Therapy Practice to Nigeria and Beyond, KU Edwards Campus, 6-1-21

Enrollment Opens in Full-Stack Web Development Career Transition Program, K-State Olathe, 6-1-21

2021 Grad Earns Applied Behavioral Science Master’s and Excels as a Student, Mentor, Researcher, KU Edwards Campus, 5-26-21

With Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, Nurse Further Prepares for Career in Science, KU Edwards Campus, 5-26-21

KU Grad Overcomes a Most Challenging Year, Earns Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree, KU Edwards Campus, 5-25-21

KU School of Professional Studies Celebrates First Graduates, KU Edwards Campus, 5-21-21

Single Mother Overcomes Learning Disabilities to Earn Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, KU Edwards Campus, 5-20-21

With Her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, KU Grad Wants to Help Others Feel Their Best, KU Edwards Campus, 5-18-21

KU Cancer Center Director Participates in Expert Panel Discussion on Status of Cancer Moonshot, KU Cancer Center, 5-13-21

Seventeen Students Complete Degree Programs in Spring Semester, K-State Olathe, 5-13-21

Higher Ed Disrupted: Upcoming Virtual Conference Addresses the Future of Learning, KU Edwards Campus, 5-12-21

Environmental Geology Professional Science Master’s Combines Experiential, Online Learning to Foster Student Success, KU Edwards Campus, 5-8-21

Animal Health Advanced Pharmaceutics Regulatory Workshop, K-State Olathe, 5-6-21

KU Bachelor of Business Administration Program Helps Students Thrive with Real-World Skills and Guidance, KU Edwards Campus, 5-5-21

Environmental Geology Professional Science Master’s Combines Experiential, Online Learning to Foster Student Success, KU Edwards Campus, 4-30-21

Local Bioscience Companies Collaborate with Biotechnology Program for Capstone Research, KU Edwards Campus, KU Edwards Campus, 4-28-21

K-State Olathe Turns 10, K-State Olathe, 4-26-21

Capabilities and Client Base Grows for Food Industry, Entrepreneur Resource, K-State Olathe, 4-15-21

Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product Modernization, K-State Olathe, 4-15-21

Virtual Summer Camp Explores Food Science and Careers, K-State Olathe, 4-7-21

KU Edwards Campus 2021 Spring Enrollment Climbs 13.8% from Spring 2020, Adding to Years of Growth, KU Edwards Campus, 4-7-21

Four Faculty to Emphasize the Need for Collaboration Around Zoonotic Diseases at Online National Conference, K-State Olathe, 4-5-21

Identifying and Securing your Dream Job, KU Edwards Campus, 3-19-21

K-State Professional Development and Animal Health Regulatory 101, K-State Olathe, 3-18-21

KU Alzheimer's Disease Center Using $4.3 Million NIH Grant to Power Its Research and Dementia Care Efforts, KU Alzheimer's Center, 3-18-21

Triangle Tax Transforms Clinical Research, Cancer History Project, 3-18-21

Middle School Summer Camp Explores Food Science and Careers, K-State Olathe, 3-18-21

K-State Olathe Graduate Profile, K-State Olathe, 3-18-21

K-State Olathe and MidAmerica Nazarene partner on cooperative academic credit program, K-State Olathe, 3-17-21

KU Edwards Campus 2021 spring enrollment climbs 13.8% from spring 2020, adding to years of growth, KU Edwards Campus, 3-10-21

Medical experts examine impact of COVID-19 on dementia, Alzheimer’s, KSHB NBC-41, 3-5-21

K-State Olathe teams up with community partners to increase post-secondary education for Latinos, K-State Olathe, 3-4-21

Two K-State Olathe students chosen for BioKansas Industry Immersion Program, K-State Olathe, 3-3-21

Carol Fabian: A Persistent Pioneer in Breast Cancer Research, Cancer History Project, 3-2-21

Clinical trial find app launched by KU Cancer Center, Hays Post, 2-28-21

Children's Mercy Joins Pediatric Early Phase Clinical Trials Network, KU Cancer Center, 2-18-21

Clinical Trial Finder app launched by KU Cancer Center, KU Cancer Center, 2-18-21

Biotechnology graduate shows the power of learning by doing, KU Edwards Campus, 2-14-21

Three animal health regulatory workshops offered as professional development opportunities, K-State Olathe, 2-12-21

K-State Olathe awarded top level healthy workplace certification by the Greater KC Chamber of Commerce, K-State Olathe, 2-11-21

March 27 event spotlights education pathways to Latino families, K-State Olathe, 2-9-21

Kansas State College Advising Corps seeks fall 2021 advisers to connect with first-generation college students, K-State Olathe, 2-8-21

PSM Alumni Testimonial: Dariana Durlova, K-State Olathe, 1-29-21

Graduate Students Receive Scholarships from JCERT, K-State Olathe, 1-27-21

Seven prominent KC leaders join advisory board at Olathe campus, K-State Olathe, 1-25-21

Cancer Center Members Named to National Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Task Force, KU Cancer Center, 1-4-21

Exercise Science student learned work-life balance lessons through experience, KU Edwards Campus, 1-4-21

Cutting through the animal health regulatory alphabet, K-State Olathe, 12-15-20

Olathe accelerator jump-starts success for Three Bears Bakery & BBQ, Kansas City Business Journal, 12-7-20

Cancer Center Launches Clinical Trial Finder App, KU Cancer Center, 12-4-20

Current Alzheimer's Research Approaches the Disease from Multiple Angles, KCUR 89.3, 11-25-20

New Online Health Science Degree Prepares Students to Work in a Growing Field, KU Edwards Campus, 11-23-20

First-Generation Students Share Struggles, Best Advice in Pursuing their Education, KU Edwards Campus, 11-15-20 

Workforce Partnership Receives More than $4 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds for Short-Term Skills Training and Support, KU Edwards Campus, 10-30-20

Biosensors and future impact' spotlight of Nov. 19 virtual event, K-State Olathe, 10-29-20

Fall 2020 Global Food Systems Seed Grants Awarded, K-State Olathe, 10-12-20

From Labs to Life: Can Growing Mini-Brains in a Dish Give us Clues to Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease (webinar), KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 10-08-20

One Year Out, KU Cancer Center’s Countdown to NCI Comprehensive Application Kicks into High Gear, KU Medical Center, 10-05-20

CATCH-UP Grant Provides more Clinical Trials to Rural, Underserved Cancer Patients, KU Cancer Center, 9-15-20

'Big data' Faculty Member Transitions to Olathe Campus, K-State Olathe, 09-15-20

Monsees Named Program/Project Coordinator for Urban Food Systems Academic Program, K-State Olathe, 09-14-20

Cancer Center Exceeds NCORP Clinical Trial Accrual Goals, KU Cancer Center, 9-9-20

Our Community Journey to Comprehensive, KU Cancer Center, 09-09-20

Graduate Students Receive JCERT Scholarships for Their Degree Programs, K-State Olathe, 08-21-20

K-State Olathe Kicks Off Second Series of Premier Leadership Program, K-State Olathe, 08-19-20

Q&A Quest Action Team Member Graham Stark, KU Cancer Center,  08-18-20

Cargill Senior Scientist Joins Olathe Team as Animal Health Professor, K-State Olathe, 08-18-20

COVID-19 Impacts on Cancer Outcomes, KU Cancer Center, 08-03-20

Got Blood? You Can Help Advance Cancer Research, KU Cancer Center, 07-27-20

Researchers at KU Alzheimer's Disease Center Make Progress on Research, KSHB-NBC 41, 8-10-20

Dick Bond, a 'giant' in the development of Johnson County, dies at 84, Kansas City Business Journal, 07-24-20

What do I say? How to communicate social support, initiate authentic conversations with coworkers during turbulent times, KU Edwards Campus, 07-11-20

KU launches online certificate in public and population health, addressing critical need, KU Edwards Campus, 07-09-20

Every Wildcat A Wellcat campaign launches to encourage health and safety, K-State Olathe, 07-07-20

Progress on planning for fall 2020, K-State Olathe, 07-07-20

Q&A: Anup Kasi, MD, MPH, explains gallbladder, bile duct cancers, KU Cancer Center, 07-01-20

August workshop helps agribusinesses build resilience to future economic, health crises, K-State Olathe, 06-24-20

Q&A: Dee Martin, Cancer Center Internal Champion, KU Cancer Center, 06-23-20

Regulatory requirements for animal drugs and vaccines are topics of upcoming workshops, K-State Olathe, 06-22-20

What do I say? How to communicate social support, initiate authentic conversations with coworkers during turbulent times, KU Edwards Campus, 06-11-20

New Frontiers pilot awards support COVID-19 research, KU Cancer Center, 06-02-20

Olathe Campus Faculty and Student Receive College Awards, K-State Olathe, 5-27-20

High School Teacher uses K-State Olathe Education to Boost her Students' Knowledge about Zoonotic Diseases, K-State Olathe, 05-26-20

Q&A with Quest Action Member Sharla Meisenheimer>,KU Cancer Center, 05-27-20

KU Alzheimer's Disease Center Focused on Protecting Research Volunteers and Clinical Trials During the Pandemic, KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 05-18-20

Twenty-two students earn degrees in academic year, K-State Olathe, 05-18-20

First patient treated in Gamma-Delta T Cell Immunotherapy Phase I Study, KU Cancer Center, 05-14-20

University releases reopening plan, K-State Olathe, 05-06-20

University outlines plans for the fall semester, K-State Olathe, 05-04-20

Free digital conference provides leadership development, connects business leaders to local talent, KU Edwards Campus, 04-24-20

One Health Research, Education at Heart of K-State Initiatives, BioNexus KC, 04-23-20

Remote teaching and learning will continue for summer school 2020, K-State Olathe, 04-13-20

Dave Cook named Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs and Economic Development, KU Edwards Campus, 04-07-20

Free and low-cost online learning and professional development from KU in KC, KU Edwards Campus, 04-05-20

Cancer in a Pandemic, KU Cancer Center, 04-02-20

Cancer Center receives additional $5 million in funding from state of Kansas to support ongoing research, KU Cancer Center, 03-31-20

Stuart Day named KU Edwards Campus Associate Vice Chancellor, KU Edwards Campus, 03-29-20

KU Cancer Center researchers identify breast cancer prevention drug with fewer daunting side effects, KU Cancer Center, 03-10-20

KU Edwards Campus spring enrollment highest in 12 years, sees largest growth in undergraduate programs, KU Edwards Campus, 3-10-20

New hire to boost university's profile as a food leader in Kansas, KC, K-State Olathe, 01-24-20

National One Health Awareness Month underscores university's efforts in human, animal, environmental health, K-State Olathe, 01-23-20

Five prominent KC leaders join advisory board at Olathe campus, K-State Olathe, 01-21-20

Nine students at Olathe campus earn degrees, K-State Olathe, 12-19-19

10 years in, JoCo Research Triangle is on its way to a $1.16B impact, Kansas City Business Journal, 12-16-19

Third annual Biotech Day even gets students excited about science, KU Edwards Campus, 12-11-19

Students showcase cyber defense skills at national CyberForce competition, KU Edwards Campus, 12-5-19

Community connections lead to enhanced PawsAbilities, K-State Olathe, 11-21-19

First U.S. certificate program in animal health regulatory affairs now available, K-State Olathe, 11-20-19

KU researchers studying possible link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 11-7-19

Diverting Government Crisis: Government-to-University (G2U) initiative aims to bolster government workforce, KU Edwards Campus, 10-15-19

USDA to host career expo at Olathe campus; same day as One Health Day, K-State Olathe, 10-15-19

Two-day workshop focuses on regulations for animal drug, vaccine, pesticide development, K-State Olathe, 10-14-19

Olathe campus sees increased student enrollment, K-State Olathe, 10-3-19

University increases enrollment at three campuses and retention, graduation rates, K-State Olathe, 10-2-19

K-State Olathe lab testing delta-9 THC, CBD cannabinoids for hemp growers, K-State Olathe, 9-12-19

KU Cancer Center receives grant to expand clinical trials in rural Kansas, KU Cancer Center, 9-9-19

Climate change and extreme weather events are topics of One Health Day, K-State Olathe, 9-6-19

Graduate students receive JCERT scholarships for their degree programs, K-State Olathe, 8-26-19

Mix science and food? JoCo middle-schoolers discover that ensures a great recipe, Kansas City Star, 7-30-19

KU Cancer Center Hosts NCI Acting Director Douglas Lowy, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran, KU Cancer Center, 5-28-19

Twenty-four students at Olathe campus earning graduate degrees, K-State Olathe, 5-15-19

Jackie Spears named interim CEO and dean of K-State Olathe, K-State Olathe, 5-14-19

New graduate certificate fulfills animal health industry's demands for applied skills, K-State Olathe, 4-30-19

KU Edwards Campus Launches Environmental Studies Degree for Fall 2019, Environment Coastal & Offshore, 4-4-19

Yoga for Brain Health Could Stave off Alzheimer's, Emporia Gazette, 4-2-19

KU Edwards Campus Launches Environmental Studies Degree for Fall 2019, KU Edwards Campus, 4-1-19

KU Cancer Center to test whether omega-3 can prevent colon cancer in Lynch patients, KU Cancer Center, 3-29-19

Stuart Day Named KU Edwards Campus Associate Vice Chancellor, KU Edwards Campus, 3-29-19

Novel data sharing agreement accelerates translational research, K-State Olathe, 3-26-19

Eight prominent KC leaders join advisory boards at Olathe campus, K-State Olathe, 3-19-19

New Online Exercise Science Degree Offers Students Flexible Health and Wellness Career Options, KU Edwards Campus, 3-14-19

The University of Kansas Cancer Center Joins the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Innovative Clinical Trial, KU Cancer Center, 3-12-19

KU Edwards Campus Spring Enrollment Grows 5.3 Percent, Strong Rise in STEM Programs, KU Edwards Campus, 3-11-19

KU Edwards Campus Announces Strategic Plan for Calendar Years 2019-20, KU Edwards Campus, 3-10-19

Partnership Program Extends Reach of Clinical Trials, KU Cancer Center, 2-28-19

Meet a Member: KU Edwards Campus, Green Business Network, 2-21-19

KU chancellor: Education, local business cooperation key to future of KC workforce (Guest Commentary), The Kansas City Star, 2-11-19

Students receive JCERT scholarships for master's, doctoral degree programs, K-State Olathe, 2-6-19

JoCo Research Triangle makes a powerful difference for entrepreneurs, Kansas City Business Journal, 2-1-19

New grant supports animal health training for high school teachers in Kansas, K-State Olathe, 1-10-19

Accelerating health through 1Data is theme of Feb. 7 conference, K-State Olathe, 12-17-18

Nearly 250 K-12 students compete in contest to increase STEM knowledge, K-State Olathe, 12-13-18

Student scholarships awarded at Kansas City One Health Day, K-State Olathe, 11-9-18

Accomplishing More by Working Together, The University of Kansas, 10-15-18

University and KC employers, collaborators use summer activities to engage first-generation students, K-State Olathe, 10-12-18

KU Edwards Campus Reports Highest Enrollment in Decades, KU Edwards Campus, 10-4-18

Outsmarting antibiotic resistance is topic of One Health Day on Nov. 1, K-State Olathe, 10-2-18

More volunteers needed for Alzheimer's studies at KU, KMBZ-FM, 9-19-18

Group traveling from Oregon stops in KC on bike ride to raise money for cancer research, FOX 4, 9-17-18

Animal Health Industry Insights seminar is Oct. 23 at K-State Olathe, K-State Olathe, 9-14-18

KU researchers investigating possible tie between exercising and staving off Alzheimer's, FOX 4, 8-27-18

Burns named to Governor’s Alzheimer's Disease Working Group, KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 7-28-18

How to Become a Data Scientist, KU Edwards Campus, 7-1-18

How to Prepare for a Biotechnology Career, KU Edwards Campus, 7-1-18

K-State Olathe faculty leads middle and high school students on hospitality field trip in KC, K-State Olathe, 6-27-18

KU Cancer Center researcher investigates eliminating radiation for HER2-positive breast cancer, KU Cancer Center, 6-27-18

KU, Community Colleges, K-12 Schools Partner to Accelerate Education Path for KC Students, KU Edwards Campus, 6-13-18

KU Edwards Campus partners with multiple local high schools to help students get bachelor’s degree in 3 years, FOX 4, 6-12-18

Kansas is the final state to start work on Alzheimer’s disease plan, Kansas City Business Journal, 6-11-18

KU Alzheimer's Disease Center Prepares Region for the Rising Tide of Alzheimer's Disease, Geriatric Medicine, 6-1-18

KU Medical Center Receives FDA Clearance to Proceed with Phase 1 Trial in Graft-versus-Host Disease Patients, KU Cancer Center, 5-17-18

Breaking Down the Lines Dividing Generations in the Workplace, KU Edwards Campus, 5-15-18

Twelve K-State Olathe-based students earn graduate degrees, K-State Olathe, 5-9-18

How KU Cancer Center landed trial for Novartis’ cancer gene therapy, Kansas City Business Journal, 5-8-18

K-State Olathe researchers use emojis to develop a modern face scale for product testing, K-State Olathe, 5-8-18

KU Cancer Center-Discovered Anti-Cancer Drug to be presented at AACR 2018 Meeting, KU Cancer Center, 4-12-18

KUEC partnerships further mission, innovation and local business, KU Edwards Campus, 4-1-18

STEM camps offered this summer to middle school students, K-State Olathe, 3-30-18

Research Showcase connects KC industry with university research to accelerate products, K-State Olathe, 3-29-18

KU Medical Center researchers are using transcranial Doppler ultrasound as part of a novel approach to monitor brain blood flow during exercise, KU Clinical Research Center and KC ADC, 3-8-18

March 6 regulatory affairs seminar looks at ensuring data quality in animal health studies, K-State Olathe, 2-20-18

KU School of Nursing researcher Jamie Myers searches for answers to “chemo-brain”, KU Cancer Center, 2-19-18

KU Cancer Center named “High-Performing Site” by National Cancer Institute, KU Cancer Center, 2-9-18

Researchers at the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center Launch Definitive Study on Link Between Exercise and Brain Health, KC ADC, 2-8-18

University of Kansas Edwards Campus Biotechnology Day provides two area students with internships, Kansas City Star, 1-8-18

Geneticist Mary-Claire King, Ph.D., talks about discovering the BRCA1 gene and advances in medical science research, KU Cancer Center, 12-5-17

Roy Jensen, MD, named KC Chamber's 'Kansas Citian of the Year', KU Cancer Center, 11-22-17

KU's Alzheimer's Disease Center chosen as test site for drug that could prevent the disease, Kansas City Star, 11-02-17

Area high school students explore 21st-century careers at KU Edwards Campus, KU Edwards Campus, 11-1-17

Cookie entrepreneurs finding sweet success with K-State Olathe services, K-State Olathe, 10-26-17

CicloMed Announces FDA Clearance of IND Application for Ciclopirox Prodrug in the Treatment of Bladder Cancer, KU Cancer Center, 10-11-17

K-State Olathe cooks up a food safety lesson for middle school students, K-State Olathe, 9-15-17

Food testing market leader Maxxam opens lab at K-State Olathe, press release, 8-30-17

The University of Kansas Cancer Center receives renewal of National Cancer Institute Designation and Announces Consortium Partnership,
KU Cancer Center, 8-3-17

KUEC Developing Talent to Meet KC's Booming Demand, KU Edwards Campus, 8-1-17

K-State Olathe partners with AAIV, creates academic opportunities for graduate studentsK-State Olathe, 7-11-17

Master of Public Health degree now offered at K-State Olathe, K-State Olathe, 5-30-17

Research center helps consumers 'fight bac' through national poultry food safety campaign, K-State Olathe, 5-8-17

DigiGirlz event encourages high school girls to pursue tech careersKSHB-NBC 41, 3-28-17

Free program invites female high school students to explore possible future careers in science and technology fields, FOX 4, 3-28-17

'DigiGirlz' introducing teenage girls to science and tech careers, KMBC-ABC 9, 3-28-17

New JCERT Authority Members Named, press release, 3-27-17

K-State Olathe enrollment hit spring record, K-State Olathe, 2-15-17

Investing in Johnson County Innovation, Thinking Bigger Business, 2-1-17

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Hall Family Foundation pledges $8M for KU Cancer Center, Kansas City Business Journal, 4-20-16

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Researchers develop 3-D printed diagnostic device that can rapidly detect anemia, K-State Olathe, 2-25-16

New graduate certificates focused on team science and professional skills for managers in STEM fields, K-State Olathe, 2-18-16

U.S. research official points to progress against Alzheimer’s in visit to KU Med Center, Kansas City Star, 2-15-16

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